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Italian Poetry Review - IPR


“Italian Poetry Review - IPR” is an international plurilingual journal of creative writing and criticism. A double-blind peer-reviewed class A publication for Area 10 sector F2 Contemporary Italian Literature-classification (ANVUR), IPR is part of a wider cultural program associated with the Department of Italian at Columbia University, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures of Fordham University (NY, New York) and the Department of French and Italian Studies at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA).


IPR accepts texts principally (though not exclusively) in Italian or English, and is the first journal established in the United States to be published in Italy that is dedicated to the critical reception and plurilingual diffusion of Italian poetry in a broad comparative context.


Each issue of IPR, which features all periods of Italian poetry, is composed of various sections: Crestomazia Minima (a selection of passages on the phenomenology of writing), Editorial, Poetry (original works by well-known Italian poets as well as non-canonical and emerging authors), Translations (from and into Italian), Between prose and poetry (prose poems, short stories, one-act plays), Poetology and Criticism (critical essays on poetry, interviews), Dossier (collections of contributions on a specific poet or scholar), Reviews and Books Received.


IPR seeks to establish dialogue between specialized and non-specialized readers of poetry. It looks to Italophone literature across the globe from its origins to the hyper-contemporary, and follows its intersections with other artistic modes both in and outside of Italy. IPR appears in print once a year and has been published in Florence by the Società Editrice Fiorentina since 2007.  “Italian Poetry Review” was the 2013 winner of the Catullo Prize for the “Dissemination of Italian Poetry throughout the world” category.





Poetry, translation and essay series directed by Paolo Valesio and Alessandro Polcri


Ungarettiana" seeks to cultivate a poetic experience in which a strong sense of the Italian identity can coexist alongside a meaningful aperture to the international. The series collection includes monolingual books (in Italian), dual translations, and essays. «We are convinced that poetry is first and foremost a search for language as well as a language of searching. But what we ultimately seek is not—as often happens in contemporary lyric poetry—an excess of the lowest aspects of existence often reduced to a catalogue of insignificant facts narrated in a faded language; what we are looking for, if anything, is a new and intensified volume of life, of thought. The style is the form of that volume and it will be at times simple and — why not? — at times complex and select. Nevertheless, it will be the poets we chose to lead us to places we as yet know not».


(From the directors’ statement)



Volumes published:

Martina Della Casa e Clémence Bauer (eds.), Prospettive incrociate. La poesia nella Svizzera italiana: dialoghi e letture, preface by Fabiano Alborghetti, 2019.


Anna CorriasEva Del SoldatoMarcella Marongiu and Laura Refe (eds.), Simona Mercuri, Umanesimo latino e volgare. Studi su Fonzio, Poliziano, Pico e Machiavelli, foreward by Francesco Bausi, 2019.

Angelo Scipioni, De renuntiatione. Scritture di mari(lyn)ologia, preface by Guido Monti, 2019. 

Giuseppe Gazzola, (ed.) Mallarmé (verse and prose), Italian translation by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, second unpublished version, 2018.


Corrado Paina, Largo Italia, preface by Alessandro Ruggera, 2018.


Pietro Rapezzi, (ed.), Michele Marullo Tarcaniota. Poesie d’amore, facing text in Latin, preface by Silvia Rizzo, 2017.


Tania Collani, Martina Della Casa, (eds.), Attraversare le parole. La poesia nella Svizzera italiana: dialoghi e letture, preface by Niccolò Scaffai, 2017.


Mauro Roversi Monaco (Alinari Prize, 2014 finalist), Mauritania, preface by Stefano Colangelo, 2016.


Antonio Bux (Alinari Prize 2014), Kevlar, preface by Vicenç Llorca i Berrocal, afterword by Martín López-Vega, 2016.

Teodolinda Barolini, (ed.), Antonio Barolini. Cronistoria di un'anima (Proceedings of the Centenary Conference in New York and Vicenza), 2015.


Mario Moroni, Recitare le ceneri, preface by Carlo Alberto Sitta, 2015.


Marco Sonzogni, Ci vuole un fiore, preface by Gabriella Sica, 2014.


Alberto Bertoni, Traversate, preface by Paolo Valesio, 2014.


Patrizia Santi, Frammenti, periferici, preface by Alberto Bertoni, 2013.


Leopoldo María Panero and Ianus Pravo, Senz'arma che dia carne all'«imperium», introduction by Andrea Ponso, 2011.


Vera Lucia de Oliveira, La carne quando è sola, foreward by Paolo Valesio, preface by Alessio Brandolini, 2011


Emma Pretti, I giorni chiamati nemici, afterword by Mauro Ferrari, 2010.


"Piero Alinari"

International Poetry Prize


The Vittorio and Piero Alinari Foundation, in collaboration with the international journal "Italian Poetry Review - IPR", holds a poetry competition for unpublished works in Italian on any subject having an international aperture and/or theme: “poems having themes, images, events, experiences (real or imaginary) that go beyond the Italian borders”.


The competition features two categories:

- “Unpublished collection”

- “Unpublished poem”


The “Unpublished collection” prize consists of the publication of the winning work in the “Ungarettiana” poetry and translation series. The “Unpublished poem” prize consists of the publication of the winning work in the “Italian Poetry Review-IPR”.



The jury is composed of:


Alberto Bertoni

Alfredo De Palchi

Enrico Gatta

Simone Magherini

Alessandro Polcri

Davide Rondoni

Andrea Ulivi

Paolo Valesio (President)